2015 MATHCOUNTS National Competition is a National Competition hosted in Boston, Massachusetts.

There were a total of 224 contestants. Keep up the good work!

Countdown Round Winners Edit

  1. Kevin Liu
  2. Andy Xu
  3. Freddie Zhao
  4. Frank Han

Written Round Winners Edit

  1. Andy Xu
  2. Daniel Zhu
  3. Alex Gu
  4. Freddie Zhao

More Edit

Karen Ge, who placed 32nd in the National Competition, wrote the book The Three Year MATHCOUNTS Marathon. The foreword is by Albert Ni.

Images Edit


In this photo, Kevin Liu is shown shaking hands with countdown runner-up Andy Xu.

Kevin vs. frank mathcounts

In the photo below, Kevin Liu is shown competing against Frank Han. Kevin wins this round, moving on to the finals, and Frank Han is a semifinalist.